Cosmetic Use

Cosmetic Use For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also a beauty oil that you can use to hydrate your skin, and reduce premature signs of ageing. Benefits of coconut oil include hair.


    It’s recommended to use King coconut il on dry skin as a supper natural moisturiser. Vitamin E content will nourishes, improve your skin tone, and patches promote smooth, hydrated skin.

    Its a skin heat neutraliser and it’s well-known among Ayurveda physician as a soothing treatment for skin.

  2. Hair Conditioner

    Use as a leave in 15 minute conditioner.

  3. Damage Repair

    Known to help in the repair damaged hair.

  4. Soluble Formula for dryness of hair scalp

  5. Traditionally used as treatment for dandruff

  6. Forbidden secret of long shiny hair. – Formula for speedy hair growth

  7. Hair Moisturiser.

    Golden king coconut oil holds moisture on your hair whilst holding firm ultra gloss finish.

  8. Hair care alternative for harsh chemical products

    To help over damage hair and also said to help towards hair fall and grey hair.